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Cayman Crew Contracts: New Rules for Payroll

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There are new rules for crew member contracts, and not following them could mean trouble for both the captain and yacht owner. 


What's the Contract? 

With effect from March 2024, all Cayman-flagged yachts, including private yachts, must have written employment contracts for every crew member. This new law is part of the Merchant Shipping Act update. It's a big change, and it sets an example for the entire yachting industry.

What do yacht owners need to do?

Yacht owners are required to get written contracts for all crew members. The Cayman Islands won't be checking each contract itself, but they will be looking for them during inspections. If you don't have them, you could face legal trouble.

Why the Change? 

This new law is all about protecting the yacht crew. Written contracts make things clear and fair for everyone involved. It's good for the crew, and it aligns with international efforts to improve working conditions in the maritime industry.

What should Yacht Owners do now? 

Review your crew management practices and make sure you have written agreements in place that follow the new rules. Not only will this keep you out of legal issues and fines, but it will also show that you take the well-being of your crew seriously.

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