Alasdair spent time at EY Sydney in the assurance practice before following a passion for working with small business owners and completing his CA training in a bespoke accounting practice in Sydney before gaining experience in banking and the private client/fiduciary sector in Guernsey Europe Africa and the UK.

We are passionate about helping business owners, entrepreneurs and yacht owners grow their businesses whilst we grow ours.

Alasdair loves yachting and business, and his mission is to help yacht owners and their teams have management information to run the yacht safely and cost-effectively.


British Marine

Proudly, we are a member of British Marine, the leading trade association for the UK leisure, superyacht, and small commercial marine industry. This membership connects us to a vast network of professionals across the sector, from boatbuilders and marinas to brokers and equipment suppliers. Through British Marine, we gain access to expert advice, industry resources, and opportunities to collaborate and champion the future of the marine industry.

Superyacht UK

Superyacht UK is a prestigious membership association specifically representing the interests of the British superyacht industry on a global scale. It boasts over 170 members, encompassing the entire spectrum of the UK superyacht sector, from renowned naval architects and award-winning yacht builders to vital supporting services. By leveraging Britain's rich maritime heritage, Superyacht UK members champion innovation, excellence, and world-class products and services.


We're proud to be a Xero Bronze Partner, utilizing cutting-edge cloud-based accounting software to empower your business. Xero simplifies financial management, offering an intuitive platform for real-time bookkeeping, automated workflows, and seamless collaboration. This partnership allows us to leverage valuable resources and expertise to provide you with efficient and insightful financial solutions.


At Breaking the Mould Accounting, we believe your time is valuable. That's why we leverage Dext, a powerful tool that streamlines expense management for businesses of all sizes. Dext automates the process of capturing, categorizing, and extracting data from receipts, invoices, and bank statements. This not only saves you time and eliminates manual data entry, but also ensures accuracy and simplifies record-keeping for audits or tax purposes. With Dext, you can focus on what truly matters – running your business.


Say goodbye to paper trails and email chains with ApprovalMax, our integrated cloud-based workflow solution. ApprovalMax streamlines the approval process for bills, invoices, and purchase orders, allowing for efficient multi-level reviews and real-time communication. This empowers you with greater control over spending and ensures all transactions are properly vetted. By leveraging ApprovalMax, we can expedite your financial approvals, minimize delays, and keep your business finances flowing smoothly.

Total Superyacht

For our discerning superyacht clients, we offer expertise paired with specialized software like Total Superyacht. This comprehensive marine management platform streamlines yacht-specific accounting tasks. Total Superyacht facilitates tasks like crew payroll management, expense tracking, and regulatory compliance. By leveraging this powerful tool, we can ensure your superyacht's finances are meticulously maintained, freeing you to focus on enjoying the yachting experience.

Value Builder

We leverage the power of Value Builder System software to equip you with a clear roadmap for maximizing your business value. Value Builder analyses your company's performance across key drivers, providing insightful reports and identifying areas for improvement. This empowers you to make strategic decisions to enhance profitability, marketability, and overall attractiveness to potential buyers. With Value Builder as your guide, you can build a stronger, more valuable business.