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ApprovalMax Automation for Xero and Quickbooks Online

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ApprovalMax is the #1 tool to get bills and expenses approved quickly. It replaces paper and email approvals with automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows. ApprovalMax integrates with platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks Online and Oracle NetSuite to unlock powerful efficiencies for approvers and finance teams.

Protect your data

It is possible to perform approvals directly in the accounting platform, but that only makes sense for very small organisations without any external stakeholders. The more people you have in the process, the more complex and less safe it becomes. With ApprovalMax, the approval process is performed safely from outside of the general ledger, and approvers only see the financial information related to their responsibility.

Streamline the approval workflow

No matter how complex the approval workflow your client might have, it can be easily set up in ApprovalMax. After the initial setup, it runs like clockwork, with an intuitive user interface, automated notifications, and a mobile app for approvers and purchase order requesters. 

ApprovalMax facilitates easy practice-to-client collaboration and enhances the provisioning of all kinds of outsourced financial services ranging from compliance to advisory in various industries. Clutter-free, fully digital accounting with the relevant data available in the online system of records enables automated approval task handover even in geographically distributed or remote teams.

Benefit from automated audit trails and decision traceability

ApprovalMax enables process efficiency and expense transparency in your organisation with automated audit reports. Once the final approval has been collected, a detailed audit report is created automatically to enable the tracking of all key approval decisions. These reports are readily available at any given time, making audit preparations a breeze.

Breaking the Mould Accounting

Breaking the Mould Accounting