Virtual Finance Department

We take care of your finance department giving you the time to focus on growing your business.

We will design your finance processes to deliver you real-time financial data so you are working on it and not in your business.

From bookkeeper, payroll administrator, accounts receivable and payable a qualified management accountant or a Virtual CFO we can design and resource the finance team you need to realise your vision.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Reduce key personnel risk
Outsourcing routine financial tasks like bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting can mitigate key personnel risk. By relying on a specialized external provider, you're not dependent on the knowledge and irreplaceability of a single in-house employee. This ensures continuity in financial operations even if there's staff turnover or unexpected absences within your company's finance department.
Improved accuracy and efficiency
Outsourcing finance improves accuracy and efficiency. We bring expertise, advanced software, and efficiency, freeing your internal team for strategic work, and outsourcing's automation and quality control measures minimize errors. It improves financial data reliability and lets your team focus on growth initiatives.
Cost savings
Outsourcing finance can tighten your budget. Providers offer economies of scale, reducing costs compared to in-house salaries, benefits, and office space. You also eliminate expenses for accounting software and IT infrastructure, as these are managed by the provider. This lets you pay for specific services needed, making it a scalable and cost-effective way to manage your finances.
Access to expertise

Outsourcing finance unlocks wider expertise. We specialise in providing bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services. This ensures tasks are done right and follow regulations, even for complex situations. We offer valuable insights to improve  your financial health and strategic decision-making. 

You're in Good Hands: We're Part of Your Team!

You're in great hands! Think of us as a seamless extension of your team. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ready to support you and tackle challenges side-by-side. This means you'll have access to our expertise whenever you need it, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Data for Effortless Business Decision Making

In the whirlwind of running a business, clear and informed decision-making is the key to staying ahead. But how can you make confident choices if your data is a jumbled mess? Accurate financial information is the bedrock of any successful business strategy. It empowers you to identify areas for growth, optimize spending, and navigate potential risks. This is where Breaking the Mould Accounting comes in. We break free from the traditional accounting mould, offering a comprehensive service that goes beyond just crunching numbers. We ensure your financial data is accurate, organized, and accessible. With this clean foundation, you can generate insightful reports that illuminate trends and opportunities. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing every decision you make is backed by reliable information. Stop wrestling with messy data and let Breaking the Mould Accounting empower you to make effortless, strategic choices that drive your business forward.

Real Time Virtual Accounting with Cloud Technology

Cloud accounting revolutionizes how we manage your finances. Forget the days of bulky software installations and paper trails. We become your virtual accounting team, working remotely but seamlessly integrated with your business. Cloud-based software allows us to access and update your financial data in real-time, eliminating delays and frustrations. No more waiting for reports or worrying about time zone limitations. This real-time access empowers you to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute financial health, and we're here to provide expert guidance whenever you need it. It's like having a dedicated accounting department at your fingertips.

Secure Financial Processes to Support Your Business

Our commitment to secure and organized financials goes beyond simple processing. By utilizing a robust documentation system, we ensure every financial transaction within your business is meticulously tracked and supported with clear records. This includes invoices, receipts, and any other relevant documents electronically stored and readily accessible. This meticulous approach not only streamlines your internal processes but also empowers confident decision-making with a complete financial picture. We become a supportive partner in your success, ensuring your financial health is transparent and well-documented.

Secure Tax Compliance to Enhance Decision-Making

Secure tax compliance, built on a foundation of accurate tax and accounting practices, makes decision-making within businesses stronger. By ensuring all tax obligations are clearly understood and meticulously met, businesses gain a crystal-clear picture of their financial health. This transparency translates into informed allocation of resources. Imagine having a complete understanding of your income and expenses, with no hidden tax liabilities lurking in the shadows. This allows for strategic budgeting and investment decisions, maximizing the return on every dollar spent. Furthermore, secure compliance eliminates the risk of penalties or unexpected tax burdens that can throw financial plans into disarray. With a firm grasp of their tax position, businesses can confidently explore new ventures, knowing the true financial implications of each choice. In essence, secure tax compliance empowers businesses to navigate the financial landscape with clarity and confidence, ultimately leading to more informed and successful decisions.

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The Definitive Guide to Standard Operating Procedures

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While these are all common inspirations for starting a business, most people choose entrepreneurship because they want the freedom to decide what to do with their time and energy.  

If freedom is your goal, SOPs are essential. 

The Definitive Guide to Standard Operating Procedures


I worked with Alasdair for a few years and it was a great experience all-around. Very pleasant guy on a personal level and a forward looking Director on the professional level. I would be more than happy to work with Alasdair at any point in time!
Financial Services Director
Alasdair has been supporting She of the Sea for over a year with all things accounting. Setting up and keeping on top of accounts beyond that of budgeting was not my area of strength and the peace of mind that came from knowing that this was in good hands freed up my time and mind to focus on important day-to-day tasks.
Client and Chief Mate 3000GT
Alasdair is a professional and effective operator, very responsive and positive in handling client requests. He is also good company and full of good ideas, putting together people from his array of contacts to get the best results.
Chairman and Client
I have been collaborating with Alasdair in several superyacht projects and he always proved to be very efficient and an excellent professional.
Superyacht & Business Aviation Professional
Alasdair has a sound knowledge of accounting and has a great commercial pedigree with his all-round Business experience accumulated in a variety of roles. Very personable and approachable.
Intermediary Banker
Alasdair is brilliant technically and has a very analytical mind. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and can manage a team to meet deadlines and deliver quality work.
Financial Accountant
I've had the pleasure of working with Alasdair on two occasions with different businesses, helping with business automation. Alasdair is very easy to get along with, he has excellent accounting skills and understands how technology can be used effectively in a modern financial services business. He is equally comfortable dealing with strategy and the necessary detail. I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again.
Virtual CIO

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