4 Tips to Help Ecommerce Businesses Sell Online

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4 Tips to Help Ecommerce Businesses Sell Online

Did you know that the pandemic has catapulted eCommerce five years ahead in the course of just one difficult year? More than a few Commerce reports have shown this now, so it’s important for maritime businesses to build upon their eCommerce capabilities and work to provide the best possible experiences to customers, both in-store and online.

Here are 4 tips to help eCommerce businesses sell online!

Focus on the user experience

If a customer becomes frustrated with your site because it’s difficult to use, they won’t stick around for long. To avoid this, you need to ensure that your site is easy to navigate, is mobile-friendly, and it is as smooth and straightforward to use as possible.  

Always think of the buyer’s journey (e.g. the path a customer takes from landing on your site to making a purchase) to help with this. Do they get an initial, positive impression of your business? Is it clear what you do and what you offer? Do they have clear signage to easily navigate through your site? Do all links and pop-ups work? Can they easily find common FAQs and the information they need? Are there clear call to actions to help them make their decision?

Arm yourself with the right apps

The right apps and software can really help you streamline your retail and eCommerce processes. For example, there are many processes where eCommerce businesses can benefit from some support, such as inventory, payments, shipping and returns etc. There are also tools that can help you with branding and design, SEO and traffic, and email marketing and list building. 

Build your social media presence

eCommerce businesses should have an active social media presence that provides plenty of relevant content for their customers. This is where you would share industry news and information on special offers, upcoming events, and other things happening in the company. The Facebook live feed is perfect for sharing videos about new products and tips for using them!

Prioritise customer service

eCommerce businesses in the yachting sector need to have great customer service for both in-store and online customers. This means having clear contact information on their website or through social media, as well as being able to provide quick responses via email and live chat. They should also be able to make returns as easy as possible, such as with store credit or a prepaid return label.

Maritime Businesses that provide exceptional customer service stand out above the rest during the pandemic, so you really should focus on prioritising this.

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